Visual Arts

The Visual Arts is a valued and integral learning area at Beaconsfield Primary School, with students from PP to Year 6 participating in a weekly one-hour session run by a specialist teacher in a modern purpose-built art studio. These lessons are a doorway for students to discover and cultivate the exploration of imagination, creativity and curiosity through making and responding to art. Students learn about the visual elements of art through practical hands on activities that develop skills, techniques and processes. They engage with, and explore, the qualities and properties of different materials such as clay, wire paint and textiles as well as approaches such as painting, collage, sculpture, drawing, print making and ceramics.

The Visual Arts provides opportunities for students to become ‘Citizens of the World’, making connections with new ideas. Getting to know the stories and viewpoints of artists, artworks and movements that have powerful social, cultural and historic contexts fosters empathy and a deeper understanding of the role of art in society.

Special Visual Arts Projects

Over the years and when opportunities arise, special art projects and artists in residence works enhance the school grounds. They provide a ‘master class’ in in various art techniques and styles as well as fostering a sense of community and pride in the school.

Art in the School Grounds

As part of the school’s visual arts program, in partnership with the P&C and wider community, students have contributed to the installation of art throughout the school grounds. In recent years this has included:

  • Harmony Day Gate Murals – 2008
  • Totem Poles – 2010
  • Children’s Forrest – 2011
  • Welcome Gardens -2011
  • Fairy Doors -2012 ANZAC
  • Poppy Medal Sculpture- 2015
  • One World Unity Mural -2017