Academic Support

Our Academic Support Team consists of:

  • Literacy Instructional Leader
  • Learning Support Teacher
  • Education Assistant

Literacy Our Literacy Instructional Leader builds the capacity of teachers to maximise their use of classroom strategies and further develop their teaching expertise in order the meet the needs of all students in their classroom. Keeping abreast of best practice research, our Literacy Instructional Leader incorporates this into classrooms through modelling, coaching and collaborative planning.

Intervention Programs

To ensure students reach their full potential, we monitor and track students’ progress using a range of assessment tools. This enables us to identify areas of concern and develop appropriate intervention strategies. Students are supported through a number of evidence-based programs, both in the classroom and in small groups.

Students at Education Risk

Students at educational risk may be characterised as students:

  • Who have an attendance rate of less than 90%
  • Who are at risk of not achieving satisfactory outcomes in Curriculum areas
  • Whose achievement level, rate of progress or behaviour differs noticeably from past performances and/or that of his/her peers
  • Who are performing below or well above their year level
  • Who are not engaged in their schooling
  • Who have social and or emotional problems which are inhibiting their learning