Students from Year 1 to Year 6 attend a one-hour engaging, hands on music program each week. Lessons are conducted with the Music specialist in the large custom built music room. These lessons include vocal, instrumental and aural activities, with many opportunities to create and perform.

As well as aligning to the West Australian Curriculum for Music, the lessons at Beaconsfield follow the Orff Schulwerk approach to Music Education. Carl Orff was a German composer most known for his cantata ‘Carmina Burana’, but he also developed an approach to music and movement education that was based on four main principals of learning – imitation, exploration, improvisation and composition. In the classroom this looks like students learning in the way that is most natural for them, with lots of play, movement, hands on exploration and many opportunities to create and perform. The technical aspects of music education are learnt mostly through doing, and students become confident music makers who are able to play a range of classroom instruments, create their own compositions and reflect on the music they are hearing and making. The Music specialist holds a Level 1 teacher training accreditation from the Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk (ANCOS).

Other musical opportunities include Choir for Year 3 – 6, where students perform both within the school and in the community throughout the year. School performance opportunities include Harmony Day, the ANZAC ceremony, Year 6 Graduation, Christmas concerts and other school assemblies. Our community performances have included the WAGSMS concert series at the Crown. The choir has also developed a connection with a local church and visits to sing at their Elders Morning tea.

Students from Years 5 and 6 are selected to participate in the Department of Education’s Instrumental Music School Services program. Students travel to Fremantle College, utilising their specialist studio and teachers to learn a musical instrument.