Benvenuto! At Beaconsfield Primary School students from Year 2 to Year 6 attend a weekly Italian lesson. Our program is based on The Western Australian Curriculum for Languages, which is organised around three strands, reflecting the nature of learning languages and cultures;

  • Communication (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing);
  • Understanding Language; and
  • Understanding Culture

Students are encouraged to have an appreciation of the Italian language and culture as well as an awareness of the many ways in which it has helped to shape our own way of life here in Australia. Themes and topics to engage learners include family, my house, spare time, sports, birthdays, clothing, greetings and emotions and festivals such as Carnevale.

Students make connections between the English and Italian languages, while English literacy is reinforced when learning Italian grammar. Students are encouraged to speak in Italian and apply their learning to a number of situations and activities such as dialogue, role-play, interviews, singing with actions, reciting tongue twisters and rhymes. Expression, through drawing and craft activities encourages students to express themselves creatively. Learning is enhanced through the use of computers, iPads and dictionaries in order to expand studentsǯ vocabularies and understanding of the Italian language.

Students have been entertained by the Commedia Dell’Arte Australia performing ‘Il Frutto Magico’.