Term 2 resources pickup – Thursday 9 April

Dear parents and caregivers

There will be an opportunity for you to pick up equipment from school to support Term 2 learning. This will look very different across the classes, as teachers have adapted materials according to their planning. For some classes it will be scrapbooks and pencil cases, while others will contain items such as seeds and playdough. There may also be some workbooks and sheets to supplement the home learning. Some teachers have provided a couple of weeks’ worth, while others may be for the term. If you have children in multiple year levels, it is important to not expect them to all look the same. Please ensure that your child does not open the packs or start the work until Term 2.

In keeping with social distancing measures, we are staggering these pickups. Items will be available from the courtyard near the administration block, organised in classes. We ask that you locate your child’s materials and leave the school site, in order to minimise any potential exposure. We also respectfully ask that you do not seek out your child’s teacher to ask questions or seek additional materials. This is to protect their health, but to also allow them to make the most of this valuable time to prepare for next term. You are more than welcome to email them or leave a message at the office. Any general questions about the Home Learning Guidelines can be directed to me.

Pickups will be organised alphabetically, according to your child’s surname. In the interest of keeping our community safe, please ensure you adhere to your pickup time. Should another family wish for you to pick up on their behalf, you are welcome to do this. If you cannot make tomorrow, these items will be available to pick up on the first day of Term 2, Tuesday 28 April.

Thursday 9 April

Time Surname

9-10 A, B, C, D
10-11 E, F, G, H
11-12 I, J, K, L
12-1 M, N, O, P
1-2 Q, R, S, T
2-3 U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Kind regards