Parking issues

Dear parents

I understand the parking is an ongoing issue at Beaconsfield Primary School. We have previously liaised with Main Roads and are currently working with the City of Fremantle in regards to possible solutions.
The current situation that limits parent access to the site, and the inclement weather,  puts increased pressure on this situation, which is why we have further staggered pick-up times. However, having being at all the gates over the course of the last week, our staff members are increasingly concerned about the safety of our families, in particular our students, as the leave the site. We have witnessed people using the staff carpark as a thoroughfare, double parking and waiting for their child, illegally parking and doing u-turns in the middle of crowded streets. We have also seen numerous near misses, as students try to reach parents who are parked in the middle of the road.
Whilst I acknowledge that the school does not control the roads or traffic congestion, I do respectfully ask that all parents think very carefully about how and where they park and pick up their children. If you have to wait, or park further away, your child will be fine to wait with a member of staff. Please park legally before exiting your vehicle and coming to get your child. I fear if this is not done, we will experience the unthinkable tragedy of a child being hit by a vehicle in the very near future.
Kind regards
Kirsten Dicker