Home Learning Guidelines

Dear parents and caregivers

Thank you to all our families for your support and understanding in what has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone. While our school environment has become very still and quiet, I know that your homes and lives will have become increasingly noisy and busy! Thank you to those who took the time to complete our Technology Audit survey. This has given us valuable information as to the capacity of each household to undertake home learning.

Attached to this link is the Home Learning Guidelines. This is the model of what teaching and learning will look like at Beaconsfield PS in Term 2. I understand for some of you, the unknown and lack of definitive answers has caused some concern and anxiety. Know that you are not alone! I am also aware that you will have heard how other schools, systems and states are approaching this. Every school will have interpreted this in light of their school context. Our model is born from the understanding that every household is different, with a unique set of circumstances that will impact upon the delivery. We know that you will have to contend with a range of variables that at times, will seem like they are against you – time, technology, expertise and patience! What you are being asked to do is not easy, and we acknowledge that. Please remember to be kind to yourselves and recognise your family’s limitations.

We have developed the Home Learning Guidelines to provide clarity to our approach and clearly define the responsibilities of all involved. In short, teachers will provide a teaching overview each week, and access to the applicable resources and sites that are required. In some instances, teachers will have filmed themselves teaching the content, or will provide links to websites that demonstrate the strategies or knowledge required. Some materials will be provided in hard copy, and there will be times that you will be required pick up further learning packs throughout the term. We understand that for some students, access to technology will be limited and teachers are ensuring that no child will be disadvantaged by this.

In order to maintain connections to the school and other students, all staff will be providing daily check-ins with students via Webex. The purpose of this is primarily from a student wellbeing perspective, and will allow students to share their learning and connect with friends. Again, acknowledging the situation at home, these times will be staggered and scheduled so that all students will have the opportunity. Teachers will also call home once per week, to check in with you and determine how things are going. This will be a time to clarify, ask questions and share information.

I want to acknowledge the hard work of all the Beaconsfield PS staff, who’ve had to determine a new way of teaching in Term 2. This has meant a steep learning curve in multiple technologies and looking at teaching from a whole new perspective. They have mastered new platforms, problem solved issues that did not exist a month ago and have done this with no absolutes, other than it will be ‘different’.

Teachers have prepared learning packs that are ready to go home for Term 2. We will provide time for you to pick them up on Thursday and again at the beginning of Term 2. Please do not open these packs until after the holidays as they are to support the intended learning at the start of term. Information clearly outlining pick up times, in keeping with social distancing measures, will be communicated via a separate Connect notice.

I ask that if you have any questions about the Home Learning Guidelines or the model we have adopted, can you please call or email me. Teachers are presently utilising this valuable time to prepare and organise themselves for home learning next term and I do not want them to be inundated with questions that they may not currently have answers to.

I know the April holidays will be very different to how you will have originally intended to spend them. I hope that you still find the time for rest and relaxation. The staff at Beaconsfield PS wish you all a safe and happy Easter – in isolation!

Stay safe and take care.