From the Principal – NAPLAN Online update regarding test connectivity issues

NAPLAN Online update regarding test connectivity issues

Dear Year 3 and 5 parents

Your child participated in NAPLAN Online throughout the last two weeks. Regrettably, there were some minor connectivity issues that disrupted the test sessions. Our understanding is that this did not impact upon our students’ performance as the drop outs were quickly rectified and did not impact on the students’ time.

All Western Australian schools have now been advised by the Authority that affected students in schools who experienced significant disruption will have the opportunity to re-sit the tests. We need to inform the School Curriculum and Standards Authority as soon as possible with the names of students whose test experiences were disrupted – specifically those students where the disruption to their online test prevented them from having a fair opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and who wish to re-sit the test. In interrogating our data from each testing session, we do not believe that our students fall into that category. However, if after speaking to your child, you feel they were significantly disadvantaged, we can look into this further and if they were subjected to technical issues, we can offer your child an opportunity to re-sit the affected test. In considering whether your child should re-sit the test, please be aware that the result of the second test will be the result that is recorded as your child’s result for NAPLAN 2019. All re-sit tests will be conducted via pen and paper during Week 5.

If you have concerns about your child’s NAPLAN test or feel they may have been disadvantaged in the online sessions, please speak to either your child’s teacher, Chris John or myself before Friday 24 May.

Thank you for your understanding in regard to this matter.

Kind regards

Kirsten Dicker

22 May 2019