Half-day school closure – parent interviews

Dear parents and caregivers

As part of our commitment to informing parents of their child’s progress, Beaconsfield Primary School staff will be available to meet with parents to conduct interviews in conjunction with Semester 1 reporting.

For this purpose there will be a half day school closure on Thursday 3 June. The school will be closed from 11:45am, with interview times being available from 12.00pm – 5:00pm. This year, we will be utilising an online booking system. Further information on how to access this will be available shortly. If you are unable to make an appointment on this day, but would still like to meet with your child’s teacher, you can indicate an alternate appointment.

On this day students will need to be collected at 11:45am, allowing teachers and parents to meet. Supervision will be provided for those students who are unable to be picked up at this time.

Kind regards